subflooring in.

As our summer jobs finally start to pick up (Christian guides rafts and I photograph them), we're finding ourselves with less and less time to dedicate to Campbulance. We knew this would happen, but it's made progress slow.

We were finally able to finish cutting and installing the new subflooring during our last afternoon off together.

Laying glue down.

Pounding the new flooring into place.

Custom glue-job. We spared no expense.

We decided we'd lay down glue AND screws into the new flooring as to give ourselves ample reason to never again remove the flooring. If some poor schmucks decide that 22 years from now, it needs removal, well, good luck, because we didn't make it easy on them.

Given the less than regular cuts we had to make to remove the old flooring, we had some gaps and cracks to fill before calling it good. We'll probably do a once-over with a hand sander before laying down the laminate flooring, but for now, we're calling it good.