A Very Special Christmas Tree

I've got an upcoming post in the works about our latest bus conversion projects, but until I have time to write it, I wanted to write this quick post about a special Christmas tree that ended up at our lot.

We received four semi truck shipments of trees to our lot over the course of a few weeks. Each delivery has anywhere from 100 to 250 trees on it just for our lot in addition to the hundreds allotted for other lots in the area.

This particular shipment was our last and we were the last stop for the semi, so our trees were piled all the way in the back of the trailer.

Our process for unloading the trees starts with simply dragging them to the opening. We have two measuring sticks taped up to the sides of the truck so that we can measure each tree as we take it out. After we measure it, we'll reference a pricing sheet (we price trees by height) and write out a price on a tag, tag the tree, then inventory it. The tree then gets unbundled and added to our pile to await being put on a post to be sold.

While unloading this particular shipment, we unearthed a tree with a green tag on it. Upon closer inspection, we were excited to see that it was being tracked by a class in North Carolina (where the trees are grown).

The note reads:

As a class project, a 1st grader at Blue Ridge Elementary has tagged this tree. We would like to know its final destination. Will you help us "map our trees" by sending us the name of your city and state  to the address below? Thank you!

After reading the note, we decided to go a step further and document our side of the process for them!

When the tree finally found its home, Christian asked if we could take a photo for the post and they happily obliged.

So, to the 1st grade class at Blue Ridge Elementary School, your tree ended up at the Papa Noel Christmas Tree lot in North San Antonio for a little while before he went to a nice family nearby! Thanks for the little bit of purpose and excitement we found while helping to track your tree!