11.17.15 - The bumpy road to Texas.

We arrived in Austin on Sunday afternoon, after breaking up the drive over the course of three days. Since we didn't leave until Thursday night (we finally called UPS and went to meet the UPS truck to get our package…), we stayed the first night in Little Rock, only about 40 miles south of Searcy. Our next night was spent in Atlanta, Texas and the third night was in Jewett, Texas.

Since we hadn't had time to sort out window coverings, we used the remaining foam insulation and a piece of cardboard from the oven box to hobble together some privacy. It worked remarkably well and I slept like a baby our first night in a Walmart parking lot in Little Rock.

We opened our oven up the next morning with a bunch of excitement after all the hassle we'd been through to get it.

Wouldn't you know, the box was damaged and the oven has a large dent in the front of it. We both think it's just superficial damage that won't affect its ability to work, but it's just one in many hiccups we've had dealing with the company we ordered it from. We're still debating as to whether we will try and send it back or keep it and enjoy the extra bit of personality the bump gives it.


Loulou is adjusting quickly to the bus life. Having spent about a month and a half living and traveling with us in the Campbulance definitely didn't hurt. She hates when we're driving, as to be expected, but after about the second day, she was moving around and finding her favorite places to lay while we drive.

She seems to alternate between being totally enamored by the ability to watch the road from the bed and being terrified by it.

One of our absolute favorite things about the bus that we didn't have in the Campbulance is being able to live completely inside. We took full advantage of this on our trip and pulled over to cook breakfast/lunch every day at the plentiful "picnic areas" along the way. Being self-contained in such a manner that we don't have to roll out the motorbikes to use the space is so great. And being able to stand is just such a spoiling element having never had that with the Campbulance.

I finally got brave on the second day of driving and asked Christian if he'd like me to drive. He was surprised, but gleefully took ownership of the passenger seat as I found my way behind the wheel. Honestly, after just a few miles I was completely comfortable. (I'm sure my past history of driving food trucks around San Diego has a lot to do with that…) We're both excited that we can now comfortably split the driving between us.

We're now parked at the Christmas tree lot in San Antonio where we'll be living and working for the next 5-6 weeks. I'll try to post updates every time we have the chance to do work on the bus, but I have a feeling we'll be keeping pretty busy slinging trees from here on out.