11.12.15 - Can we go yet? - Day 16.

We are currently anxiously awaiting the arrival of our stove that we ordered weeks ago. Due to a mishap with the order when we placed it, the company never shipped it out, so as we waited while counting down the days, it had never entered transit. Fast forward to when we figured that out and we decided to just cancel the order and find a way to get one once down in San Antonio.

Unfortunately, they didn't cancel the order and instead overnight shipped the oven. It has been out for delivery since 6am and we're now closing in on 5pm. 

We did have a lot of loading and prep to do this morning, so we got all of that done a little more leisurely knowing we had to wait for the package, but now that we're loaded we're ready to hit the road!

We backed the bus up to a sloped hill in the yard to make the loading of the motorbikes easier on us.

Fit like a charm.

Both motorbikes fit absolutely perfectly in the garage space under the bed that we'd planned for them. 

We covered the countertops with rugs and blankets to protect the wood until I get a chance to stain it. The inside felt more and more homey as we slowly, but surely loaded our belongings.

We waited until every bit of our stuff was inside before moving Loulou in. We wanted to give her the chance to roam around and explore her new surroundings before tossing in the loud diesel engine roaring beneath her. (Luckily she's already pretty used to that part because of the Campbulance…)

This will most likely be the last post in the daily series for now as we start our journey south. You can follow us on Instagram to keep up with photos from the road and I'll try to post updates every time we do more work on the interior (we're FAR from done, so stay tuned!).