10.31.15 - Floor Removal - Day 4

(Quick apology before we dive into today's post: I accidentally deactivated our MailChimp subscription newsletter yesterday while trying to edit it. I'm not sure that it will send out yesterday's blog post, so here's a quick link for those interested that might have missed it: Stubbs' Conversion Day 3)

Now, on with the show!


What's the scariest thing at Traveling Tuttle's this Halloween? Widespread, cancerous rust eating through Stubb's floor and body, that's what.

We tore up the 1/2 plywood underlayment today, which sat on top of the metal body/floor of the bus. It was held to the metal floor with 1 inch Torx headed self tapping screws, most of which didn't want to spin. We ended up using a combination of hammers, a splitting wedge, and a 5 foot pry bar to coerce the floor up. The wood itself was in decent condition for a twenty year old vehicle, but the floor beneath it is in disrepair, to the point of us needing an expert opinion to see if its even fixable.

In addition to the floor demolition, we also scrubbed the ceilings and walls, removing a decent amount of residue from tape and labels that had formerly graced the walls. When all was said and done, the walls and ceilings looked pretty good. At least we've got that going for us…

We're definitely not discouraged by the floor. It just gives us a lot of relief that we ended up going through the trouble of pulling up the plywood to check underneath before building up a home on top of it. We'll get Stubbs to a body shop next week and go from there!