What are we doing?

We are riding our pint-sized motorbikes south, with no agenda or route, other than to start at the US-Mexico border near San Diego, California. We're aiming for South America (Tierra del Fuego?!), and we're thinking we may stick close to the Pacific coast, but none of that is certain. All that is certain is that we're selling everything and taking off on two wheels. If you have any suggestions, let us know.

The idea was born after an enlightening conversation revealing just how much each of us would like to hit the road for a while without a plan or timeline. Both of us have lived and traveled overseas, Chelsea in Greece and Europe, and myself in China, but neither of us have traveled to Central or South America. We figure riding south could be easy, in that we don't have to take a plane to get to where we going, and if we're relatively self-supporting, we can stop anywhere. With no timeline, we don't need large, fast bikes. Suddenly, in our minds, the world has become our campground!

In a way, the adventure has already started. When we took delivery of the motorbikes, they both were underpowered and needed plenty of work to become road-worthy. We chose to swap out the old engines, opting for two new Lifan 125cc motors, giving us extra power and reliability. Although we aren't the first to make the swap, clear directions don't really exist, and the process has been more adventure than we had anticipated. On the bright side, we now know the bikes more intimately than before, which will be helpful during the guaranteed breakdowns. 

That's the plan, ride south through Mexico, Central America, and South America. We've never been anywhere south of the border. And neither of us speak Spanish. Nor have motorbike licenses (yet). How hard can it be?