On the road with no wifi...

It probably comes as no surprise that the Campbulance is not equipped with wifi. On top of that fact, we've already managed to sail through our data on our phone plan this month. Because of this fact, we've resorted to being fairly off the radar to save data and money.

We holed up last night in a motel in Sturgis, North Dakota. Christian was in desperate want of a shower and I was excited to sleep with an exorbitant amount of pillows. It also meant we got access to wifi for the night and briefly this morning before we leave.

This is only the briefest of updates since I'm about to have to pack everything up to hit the road again, but we felt so badly for the internet silence that we wanted to post something.

Our trip has taken us up through Colorado, into Utah and then over to Boise, Idaho to visit with family for a few days. From there we made our way across Wyoming and now we're about to knock out some serious miles in South Dakota. Turns out, Vermont via Idaho isn't the most direct route...

For a few more updated photos and such, please check and follow along on our Instagram here. With no data, we will won't be posting all that much, but if I find a snippet of wifi here or there, I'll try hard to throw a few photos up when I can!

Big updates will come once we reach the east coast and have time to edit some video footage we've been getting!