we got illustrated.

Back before we actually had the Campbulance in possession, I commissioned an illustration by my college buddy Austin Light (PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out his work here). In fact, I asked him to sketch Christian and I with the Campbulance the day before I almost lost it (read about that story here).

Thankfully, it was not lost and we now own it. Austin has a newborn baby in his house, so it took him a little longer than he expected to illustrate it for us. This bought him enough time to see the development of our story through our blog and when he sent the final illustration, this is what he had to say about it:


After reading your blog, it was apparent to me that the Campbulance is not the star of your adventure, you and Christian are. So I tried to capture that. 

Christian and I couldn't be more tickled with the outcome and how he has interpreted our adventure so far.

- Chelsea

Austin nailed different details of Campbulance. The wooden pullout drawer to the looker's left of Chelsea, the tow hooks on the bumper, the sliding cabinet faces, the cross hatch padding of the rear doors; these are the little details that make the truck our truck. We love it. I love it. I just wished he had paid better attention to my workout regime... I'm way bigger in real life.

- Christian

Christian literally placed the computer back on my lap and then made me feel his muscles (while he growled) to prove his point…Austin must've somehow missed just how massive his biceps are.

Honestly though, the essence of Christian and I is perfectly captured in this illustration and I can't wait to [hopefully] commission a second one later on when we've finished her up.

- Chelsea