replacing the light covers.

After multiple failed attempts to order replacement light covers for the red lenses we had to remove when we first got Campbulance, Christian and I hit a wall of frustration. The lens covers were not only impossible to find, but all the ones we'd thought would fit were expensive and usually specialty orders, so we were often unable to return them for a full refund and sometimes not at all.

After the latest fail, it was decided that we'd just be better off spray painting the old covers and putting them back on. The poor lights had been covered by painters tape since the day we picked Campbulance up on May 1. What was once bright purple tape had now faded to white from the days spent drying in the sun. It was time to get that stuff off.

After discussing our color options, we decided to go with silver. After two thorough coats, we reinstalled the lenses and basked in one less thing we'd have to spend money on replacing. They're not the fanciest looking things in the world, but they'll do for now and I can finally take a break from my relentless Googling of lens covers.

We tackled this project and a few other small things in the heat of the day after spending the morning rafting a class IV section of the Arkansas River, so once the covers were back on, we hightailed it out to the local brewery for a beer and some grub and totally dropped the ball on getting "finished" photos on the rehabbed lenses. Oops! I promise to post some soon.