how I almost lost the campbulance.

A week into waiting feverishly to hear that the current owner had received the deposit check, it was realized that I'd made a dire mistake. I'd forgotten an integral part of the address when labeling the outgoing envelope, and as a result, the check was now headed back to Colorado. How did we know this? Well, I'd been so excited to put the check in the mail that I took a photo while doing so, and upon closer inspection, we noticed the missing component of the address.

To solve the problem, we decided to Western Union some money instead. Since Christian was at work, I was responsible for getting this done. All went smoothly on my end, but the folks at the counter failed to inform me of all the details the receiver would need in order to pick up the money. As a result, the poor seller of the vehicle was now convinced we were trying to mess with him.

Christian very kindly tried to insist it'd been both our doing, but it was clear that each of the instances of failure were very obviously no one's fault but my own. I decided to appeal to the seller myself and take full blame in hopes of restoring his faith in us. We'd already bought plane tickets, after all, so it was imperative that I somehow found a way to salvage the situation.

Thankfully, after a few slightly tearful moments of explanation and apologies, I'd convinced the kind seller to give us another chance. Despite the happy outcome, it'd been a torturous 24 hours of roller-coaster emotions that almost sent both of us off the deep end. It's now been decided that any and all important tasks (such as labeling an envelope) from here on out will be done together and double checked by both of us.

- Chelsea