12.24.15 Merry Christmas!

Christian and I are spending the holiday down on the Texas coast at an RV park almost entirely made up of full-time snow-birds. To say that we and the bus stick out a bit would be a massive understatement. However, we're loving it. The days are hot and humid to the point of needing paddles to get through the heavy air.

It's amazing that we only left Colorado on Labor Day weekend in the Campbulance and here we are living in Stubbs the Bus. Who knows what the next year may bring, but we're both excited to find out. 

I always love sending out Christmas cards, but with our current situation it just wasn't going to be realistic, so instead you'll have to settle for a digital card!


[A huge thanks to Austin Light for his wonderful illustration of our family. Click on his name if you're interested in commissioning work from him.]