In April of 2014, we searched Craigslist high and low for the perfect decommissioned ambulance to become our homemade camper, The Campbulance. The beautiful 1992 Ford e350 7.3 liter diesel found us in the form of two low-quality photos on Craigslist in Findlay, Ohio. After a few mishaps getting a deposit to the owner, we had secured our future Campbulance to be picked up by us in May. To make things interesting, after we flew into Detroit and got a ride down to Ohio from a good friend named Coleman, we decided to drive the Campbulance back to Colorado via New York City, Cape Cod and Vermont to see Christian's family.

What transpired was an adventure-filled ten day road trip across the country. Nothing gets the creative wheels turning quite like spending several unshowered days on the road in a blank slate of a vehicle just ripe for converting. As soon as we arrived back in Colorado, we started demolition and began the transformation. Since we both work seasonal jobs that don't allow much (if any) free time whatsoever when work is available, work on the conversion was slow-going and rare.

Below, you can check out our adventures traveling in the vehicle as well as photos of the conversion.

UPDATE: August 2016

We sold Campbulance in January 2016 to Joe and Lucy Maneiro, who promptly moved into it to start their own adventure. Unfortunately, Campbulance was caught in a flash flood in Little Rock and declared dead in August of 2016. RIP Campbulance - You were a well-traveled and well-loved vehicle.

UPDATE: February 2017

While traveling in Baja Mexico in late February of 2017, we received news that Campbulance was in fact alive and most probably just in need of a diesel mechanic and some new rear brakes! Joe and Lucy had already purchased another campervan and were leaving to start their own adventures in just a few days. In need of unloading the Campbulance, they offered to give it back to us! We weren't in any position to take ownership of another vehicle OR project, but we knew just the person who could use Campbulance and probably help facilitate its full revival…Coleman. Yes, THE Coleman that drove us to pick it up in the first place! Coleman runs a ministry called Micah 6 in Detroit and they recently succeeded in starting a fresh veggie store to help supply fresh local veggies to the neighborhoods in his area. They were in need of a delivery shop vehicle and Campbulance fit the bill. Currently, it's being parked in Searcy, AR, awaiting Coleman's arrival in early April to meet with a mechanic and talk about the options and possible repair of the vehicle before it HOPEFULLY makes its way up to Detroit to live out a new chapter of its life!

Finished photos (scroll down for more photos of the process!)

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the beginning.


building the bed.

lettering removal and other aesthetic improvements.

subflooring removal and new floor install.


door upholstery.